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Self Myofascial Release Series

When fascia becomes restricted it can cause changes in our bodies natural alignment causing pain and limiting movement. Learn more about your fascial system along with self myofascial release techniques using foam rollers, therapy balls and stretching. Decrease pain while increasing flexibility.

Fascia is a web-like system of connective tissue that runs head to toe without interruption, through and between every single cell of our bodies. Trauma, inflammation, and postural misalignment can cause fascial restrictions which produce symptoms such as pain, headaches, disease, and dysfunction. Yet until recently, the fascial system has been largely ignored by most health care professionals and cannot be seen in standard tests such as X-rays and MRIs.

We will work with the low back, head, neck, legs, pelvic region and more.

Some of you have taken classes and enjoy the self treatment techniques. This series will allow the same group of clients to go a bit deeper and each class will focus on a specific part of the body. You will learn more about the fascial system too! Our bodies and emotions are inextricably linked!

Series is $60 or $20 drop ins for classes. All classes are 75 minutes.
Feb 24. 9am
March 3. 9am
March 6. 6pm
March 13. 6pm

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