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Weekend with Alexandria Crow

14.5 hours of workshops with Alex Crow.
We are super excited to host such an amazing teacher. Alex will be here all weekend and you can join in parts of it or all of it.

Friday evening 6-8:30pm; Saturday- 9-12pm and 1-4pm
Sunday- 9-12pm and 1-4pm.
The entire weekend of workshops for $220.
Individual workshops are $50 each.

What are you trying to teach as a yoga teacher, not just on the surface but at the deep reaches? What are you aiming to learn or gain as a student? What is it that motivates you to teach and to practice? How are you teaching that? How do you approach learning the intended outcome?

How do you take where you are as a teacher and/or student and move the needle of intention closer to the outcome? How do you adapt or toss the things that aren’t working, create new practice and teaching techniques for the ones that get tossed? How do you create a practice experience that is effective, personal and your own both as the teacher and the student?

Teaching and practicing yoga in group classes can be a beautiful and inclusive experience of individual self discovery, but it can also be one that feels impersonal, exclusive, and about just trying to keep up to please everyone. The community aspect of a yoga practice is one of the things that a lot of students love and it can be expanded to be more inclusive and personal, leading to more acceptance and ease within each student.

The information and tools that we are trying to teach are sometimes missed and can be difficult to integrate and understand as the student. How do you teach people to make skillful choices as an individual within a group setting? How do you make it safe for students to explore their individuality and their patterns of belief? How do you facilitate student choices that may be different than usual, even confrontational to you as teacher?

Every body is different. Every mind is different. There are so many diverse styles of classes these days. What each person needs in order to learn the concepts presented in yoga is unique. Come spend a weekend with Alexandria Crow taking all these seeming differences of body, mind, and style of class and work to create a classroom experience that is deeply personal and individually effective.
Sessions will include practice, lecture on the topic, mechanics/anatomy of the body, and class planning worksheets and tools.

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